Brains at Heights

Synergy stands alone in high-level engineering and diagnostic surveys in South Australia. Field testing may be done using abseiling techniques to gain access to obscured facades, which may not be achievable, by other means.

Synergy is dedicated to safety and has a safety officer to liaise with management and site personnel on matters regarding occupational health and safety

Synergy has worked on numerous multi-storey buildings & projects including the following projects, Adelaide Brighton Cement - removed / replaced the top 10m of two 60 m concrete chimneys, BHP - Coke Ovens (20 storey) BHAS - repairs using a unique access method to completely contain broken-out concrete Column replacement /piling/propping of massive Slag Fuming Structure .

Foremen who head our repair teams are experienced in concrete corrosion‑damage repair and other related work (including flooring and protective coatings). They share the following track record:

  • High rise buildings to 24 storeys, high-level chimney demolition and repair.
  • Industrial environments - Penrice, BHAS, Pasminco, Adelaide Brighton Cement, BHP.
  • Shutdown work - oil-refineries, industrial plants, quarries etc.