Building Concrete Repair in Adelaide

Cracking, crumbling exposed rusty reinforcement steel are all signs of spalling Concrete Cancer. When treating the concrete cancer any rust affected steel must be exposed, cleaned treated and/or replaced. The area is repaired to the original concrete profile using cement mortar, and epoxy mortar or concrete - depending on the size of the damage and any structural requirements. Cracks are repaired using suitable epoxies, special mortars and injection techniques and the entire area is then treated with a protective coating.


Foremen who head our repair teams are experienced in concrete corrosion‑damage repair and other related work (including flooring and protective coatings) being all concrete building repair work. They share the following track record:

  • High rise buildings to 24 storeys, high-level chimney demolition and repair.
  • Industrial environments - Penrice, BHAS, Pasminco, Adelaide Brighton Cement, BHP.
  • Shutdown work - oil-refineries, industrial plants, quarries etc.
  • Concrete flooring, industrial, food, manufacture.

Working Crews

Crews are selected from our in-house workforce (experienced in repair or coating techniques).

Work Capacity

Practical crew sizes are small and multi-skilled. Synergy can field three / four crews at any one time.

Specialist Material Experience

Synergy uses only propriety products ( from suppliers ) having proven performance characteristics, which meet Australian and international standards. These include but are not limited to:


  • Coating systems - anti-carbonation coatings;
  • Silane-siloxane chloride resistant penetrating coatings;
  • Epoxy coatings and trowel-on application;
  • Alternate coatings e.g. chlorinated rubber, polyurethanes, acrylic, coal-tar epoxies
  • Steel reinforcement primed with organic zinc-rich primer, inorganic zinc silicate etc
  • Penetrant steel-enveloping protective coatings.

Repair Materials

  • Polymer-modified cementitious products with low shrinkage characteristics;
  • Conventional colour matched render. Faring coats
  • Low viscosity micro repair concretes with low shrinkage characteristics;
  • Silica fume materials;
  • Rapid setting high alumina concretes.

Repair Techniques

  • Formwork and pouring repairs;
  • Trowel on build-up including overhead to varying thicknesses;
  • Garnet grit blasting of steel work, substrates;
  • Extensive use of pneumatic hand tools with noise and dust controls.