Building Repair Engineer Serving SA

An engineering report can be provided to document the testing, results, conclusion and recommendations derived from the survey. Damage drawings and specifications for repair can also be incorporated.

Diagnostic Tests And Survey

Engineering Report

The survey is scientifically based, using basic and advanced methods (e.g. resistivity, electrochemical‑potential mapping etc.) to provide a platform for action:

1. Field survey with testing and sampling for laboratory analysis

2. Processing of data to ascertain:

  • Diagnosis: causes of current attack
  • Extent of attack
  • Prognosis: future attack

3. Specify repair methods and materials appropriate to the problem

4. Specify preventative maintenance: to reduce or eliminate causes of attack

5. Engineering Report indicating extent of repairs

6. Review and comment by client or appointed representative

7. Structural review of reinforced concrete capacity as required by qualified structural engineers

Testing Programme

Comprehensive field / laboratory testing is carried out in accordance with British, American and Australian Standards on concrete and other facades:

  • Corrosion mapping and Resistivity Test (Non-destructive)
  • Corrosion Mapping (to American Standard ASTM 876)
  • Resistivity Test (Wenner 4 probe method) BS 1881:1988
  • Insitu Carbonation Testing: extrapolation of future rates
  • Magnetic-Induction Covermeter: concrete cover
  • Delamination Testing
  • Verification Probing
  • Close-Quarter Visual
  • Sampling
  • Strength testing

Laboratory Test And Analysis

Chlorides, sulphates to determine diffusion profile. Tests and analysis for chlorides, sulphates cement content, carbonation penetration to determine concentrations, risk threshold, diffusion profiles etc.

High Level Access

Synergy stands alone in high-level engineering and diagnostic surveys in SA. Field testing may be done using abseiling techniques to gain access to obscured facades, which may not be achievable, by other means. Technical staff conduct survey.